Terms and Conditions of the Editorial Board and Reviewers


You are invited to be a member of 

  • the editorial board of JOVACET,
  • the editorial advisory committee or 
  • to be one of the journal’s reviewers. 

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully. 

1. Responsibilities

Editorial board members and reviewers should be experts in the field addressed by the article and also to have some experience of publishing their own articles. Articles must be reviewed objectively and without bias to ensure that the reviewed article upholds the quality of the journal. The acceptance or rejection of an article depends on the judgment of the reviewer. Articles should be examined carefully and also consider language use and the correctness, relevance and currency of the citations and list of references.

Reviewers should consider the following checklist when reviewing the article: 

  • Does the article fall within the scope of JOVACET?
  • Is the article original or innovative, contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.
  • Does the reviewer have any recommendations with regard to the structure of the article?
  • Have the aims and objectives of the article been set out clearly? 
  • Has the methodology been explained clearly?
  • Have the findings been explicit and supported by accurate citations/quotations/references?
  • Does the copyediting and proofreading of the article meet publishing standards, especially with regard to grammar, punctuation and spelling? 
  • Is there any evidence of plagiarism?  
  • Are there any other comments you can make to improve the quality of the article?

2. Benefits

While it may add to a member of the editorial boards’ or reviewer’s workload, there are obvious benefits. The main benefits are that being a board member or reviewer is prestigious in that person’s field. Firstly, that person is regarded as an expert in the field and, secondly, by reading the submitted articles, that person is kept up to date with the latest thoughts and ideas related to that field of interest. There are other benefits, namely:

  • By having to read the article carefully, it becomes part of one’s routine to remain current with new developments in the field of interest. 
  • By being the first to read new research in one’s field of interest, this could lead to getting new ideas for one’s own research and publications. 
  • There is no doubt that the publication of articles is an essential way of sharing research findings and that anyone involved at this level plays an important role in this process. 
  • The ideas and input of board members and reviewers will contribute towards ensuring the quality and improved standards of publications. 
  • In future, when the journal starts charging for the publication of articles, members of the editorial board members/reviewers could enjoy a discount when publishing their own articles in JOVACET.