Peer Review Policy

Each article submitted for publication in JOVACET, will be subject to an anonymous peer review by two different reviewers who are regarded as being experts in the field.

Peer review has a twofold purpose: firstly, it assists the editor and the editorial committee or board to make the correct editorial decisions about whether the submitted article is at a standard where it can be published in its present form or whether it requires minor or major amendments; or whether it is not ready for publication at this stage. Secondly, any reviewer feedback should be useful to the author, including how to revise and improve the paper submitted or should supply the reasons why it is not ready for publication.

Information or ideas obtained through the peer review process may not to be used to personal advantage and should remain confidential. Any conflict of interest, such as having a competitive, collaborative or other relationship with the author(s) or institutions involved with the article, should be disclosed immediately so that the reviewer can withdraw from the review process.

It is essential that confidentiality should be respected at all times and the article being reviewed should not be discussed with anyone other than the editor.

The time limit of 4 weeks to review the article should be strictly observed. If it appears that this will not be possible, the reviewer should withdraw from the review process immediately.

The reviewer must evaluate the contents of the article objectively. All reviewer comments must be supported with reasons for the judgment. The comments will be anonymised and shared with the author(s). Articles should be evaluated according to the purpose of the journal, the originality of the contribution and how well the viewpoints have been argued and substantiated throughout the article.

Reviewers must ensure that all sources referred to in the text have been included in the reference list. Reviewers should recommend current literature on the subject, if necessary. Reviewers should alert editors immediately if there is any suspicion of plagiarism or if sources have not all been acknowledged.