Call for papers for the Special Edition, JOVACET 5(2), 2022

Due date for full paper submissions (Special Edition): 30 April 2022


  • Dr Catherine Robertson University of the Western Cape (UWC), Cape Town



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), referred to, inter alia, as APL in other contexts, has been recognised by South African and international policies as a critical means of access to, and certification of further and higher learning, especially for mature learners. While there is general acknowledgement of the importance of RPL for lifelong learning and social inclusion, learning institutions have not embraced RPL equally across the board, and implementation practices vary greatly, often leading to learner frustration. While there have been some local studies and a growing international literature, RPL is by and large under-researched in South Africa.

In light of the above and its long tradition of RPL provision, the University of the Western Cape’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) unit will be hosting a conference on 30 and 31 March 2022, with the theme ‘Implementation, Assessment and Articulation of Recognition of Prior Learning’. As one of the intentions of the conference is to ‘build the scholarship of RPL’ (also known as APL in other contexts), JOVACET will be partnering with the UWC RPL Unit to produce a Special Issue of the journal in 2022 for publication of relevant papers that fall within the scope of our journal.

Topics broadly covered by the conference include (but are not limited to) the following:
• RPL policy research
• Sharing RPL practices
• Capacity building for RPL
• Innovative RPL models
• RPL assessment for undergraduate and postgraduate access in higher education
• Articulation models for RPL in post-schooling

Submissions for paper presentations at the conference should be made directly to the conference organiser, Dr Rekha Rambharose, email, but additional, relevant topical papers seeking publication in this JOVACET Special Issue may be directed to Dr Catherine Robertson, email

Please note that all submissions considered for publication, whether presented at the conference or not, will undergo the JOVACET double blind review process towards publication in November 2022 or earlier if possible.

Due date for full paper submissions (Special Issue): 30 April 2022




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